It is commonly known that only a small percentage of customers voice their concerns of an unpleasant consumer experience to management, leaving management in the dark when gauging customer satisfaction levels.

Moreover unsatisfied customers are significantly more likely to share stories of dissatisfaction with other potential consumers. Exponentially multiply this with the popularity of social networking platforms and consumer reporting websites, and your hotels may face a serious public relations damage control situation.

Still more, management may also be less forthcoming in passing on to owners and top management, reports of customer dissatisfaction.

Why not spend efforts in prevention rather than fire-fighting? Smart hotel owners recognize this strategy and are increasingly turning to silent shopper programs as a solution, with impressive results on the bottom-line. Unrecognized by hotel staff, AGON's trained hoteliers will check-in and review your entire operations. Our reports will:

  • Monitor and explain "the full customer experience" using our very detailed proprietary Shopper Checklist, which we further tailor to each specific assignment;
  • Provide constructive recommendations for improvement and for areas to focus training initiatives;
  • Provide commendations for areas that are performing well to reinforce ongoing procedures;
  • Offer a reminder to staff of the expectations for service quality;
  • Provide a test of consistency of established procedures and policies; and
  • Ensure service levels convey the image and reputation of commensurate with your hotel's vision.