When designing a hospitality operation, it is essential to keep operational requirements as well as patron expectations in mind. Developers need answers to numerous questions, all vital to a smooth-running, profitable operation. Below are examples of very basic aspects that are not part of other consultant’s expertise:

  • Are the rooms of proper size, shape, design? What type of room facilities and amenities are required? Are suitable furniture and fittings used?
  • Are the restaurant kitchens in the proper location for optimal food service?
  • Are the flows of guests, staff, and materials optimal?
  • What are the requirements for housekeeping areas? Is there adequate space allocated?
  • How should the back of house offices be laid out, and for which types of staff? How many offices? How many lockers?
  • And many, many other similar questions.

By ensuring international design aspects to improve operational efficiency and surpass future guest expectations, AGON truly protects developer’s interests.

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